Retention Detention Tanks

Restrict or save water for greater efficiency and lower environmental impact

Water retention and detention tanks are a way to either store or hold water (typically storm water) for later use, or to restrict it’s flow and lower it’s impact during heavy downpours. In recent times, Auckland Council have started to request greater use of these two options as a way to both manage rain water flow, and to provide an alternate source of water from Watercare’s existing supply. Retention tanks are used to hold or store water, which can then be used at another time. In most cases, the water stored in a retention tank is directed to hose taps for use in the garden, or toilet cisterns for use when flushing. Detention tanks are used to restrict the flow of water, which helps to alleviate pressure on the councils storm water system. Water is collected into the detention tank and then releases out later at a more gradual and manageable rate. Detention tanks remain empty most of the time, and only start to fill up during periods of heavy rainfall. An alternative to Retention or Detention tanks may be a soak hole, depending on your specific needs. If you think a retention or detention tank is the right solution for your property, or would simply like more information about storm water management, feel free to contact us.

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