Micro Tunneling


H&H introduced the world’s best Micro-tunneling equipment to New Zealand back in 1999 since then we have gone on to design and develop our own equipment giving us the ability to dig deeper with more precision, faster and more economically than ever before.

Why Micro-tunneling?

Micro-tunneling offers a less intrusive way to install underground drains, drain pipe, or other types of pipe in your property. Micro-tunneling offers a range of benefits over traditional cut and cover solutions, including:

  • Its clean, tidy and less disruptive
  • Open excavations only at the start and finish of the pipeline
  • Less volume of excavation material to dispose of
  • Less damage to road or ground services
  • Can be used below the water table
  • Alleviates potential damage to adjacent structures and utilities
  • Faster more economic completion of projects

How does it work?

  1. Two excavations are required, one at the start of the new pipeline and one at the end.
  2. A steerable pilot tube is jacked into the ground on alignment.
  3. Installation of a temporary steel casing and auger which removes the spoil.
  • Micro Tunneling
  • Micro Tunneling