Cast Insitu Structures

Cast insitu structures

Across the world the construction of drainage systems using pre-cast elements is being replaced by insitu construction. H&H Contractors are experts at this type of construction for civil projects.

We can provide our clients with a wealth of experience in both the design and construction of insitu drainage systems. H&H Contractors are able to advise how to best make use of the many advantages of this process and accelerate the building programme while reducing costs. We offer a range of insitu concrete drainage systems including bespoke moulds and paver set up configurations to suit any application.

Why insitu construction makes sense:

  • Wholly mechanised process free from manual handling
  • Reduced cost
  • High productivity
  • Rigorous process quality control
  • Improved product durability
  • Flexibility with minimal radii achieved with ease
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Cast insitu structures
  • Cast insitu structures
  • Cast insitu structures